Tick Control Charlotte North Carolina

Charlotte, North Carolina has its fair share of beauty in nature, but with all the beauty comes a number of pests. Ticks are tiny parasitic insects that feed on the blood of both humans and animals and are capable of carrying transmittable diseases. Although they live and thrive outdoors, ticks can quickly become a problem in your Charlotte, NC home. Ticks can pick up and spread a wide range of diseases as they move from host to host through their saliva; some of these diseases can even cause lifelong illnesses that can affect every part of the body. 

Ticks and tick infestations can be prevented with the right control methods. CTRL is Charlotte, North Carolina’s tick control specialist. Our Charlotte tick control team is dedicated to keeping you and your family safe with our dependable tick control solutions. If you believe your home has succumbed to a tick infestation, contact CTRL Solutions today for a complete inspection.

Tick Control Charlotte North Carolina 

How To Pinpoint A Tick Infestation

The first step in treating a tick infestation is pinpointing the problem. Visually identifying ticks in your home is the first step in treatment. Once you’ve confirmed the presence of ticks in your home, it’s extremely important to get an inspection completed as soon as possible. But how can you be sure you have an infestation? There are several ways you can pinpoint a tick infestation in your home. 

Ticks feed on the blood of both animals and humans and can be found in the grasses of open fields, and even your own yard; because of this pets are especially susceptible to ticks. One sign of ticks in your home is small bumps found on the skin of your pet. Ticks are parasites that attach themselves to their host, so if you feel these bumps it’s best to examine your pet further.

Our Tick Infestation Process 

CTRL Solutions strives to provide our customers with the best service in the industry. Prepared with the best tools and techniques available, our team inspects your home and comes up with a solution to eliminating your tick infestation. Once an infestation is confirmed, our technicians will recommend a plan tailored to you. 

Catching a tick infestation in Charlotte North Carolina early is essential to getting the problem under control. Early detection allows our experts to pinpoint the problem and eliminate it before it gets out of hand. Pest problems can be overwhelming and frustrating, especially when the health and safety of your family is at risk. 

Our tick infestation process involves the use of quality products, systems, and technologies that allow for our team to fully eradicate tick infestations. Not only do our processes eliminate ticks on contact, we prevent ticks from entering your property by protecting not only your home but your yard as well. Here at CTRL, our professionals offer the dependable solutions you deserve.

Tick Treatment In Charlotte NC

At CTRL, our tick inspections will allow our professionals at CTRL Pest Solutions to not only gain an understanding of the type of pest infestation but also come up with a solution to treat and prevent ticks from appearing in the future. 

CTRL Pest Solutions uses treatments that are guaranteed at eliminating ticks on contact, and prevent them from coming back. Our treatments are safe to use around your home and your pets without the use of dangerous chemicals. Tick infestations can be tricky, and can sometimes go unnoticed for quite some time. If you suspect ticks in your home don’t hesitate to call CTRL Pest for your Charlotte tick management. 

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Is A CTRL Tick Control Expert Located Near Me?

Finding a tick control expert is not hard. When you search tick control expert near me you will see a large range of experts that are closely located to you. We recommend when choosing a tick control expert near you to find someone who is located close to your home or business. As in this, you will need to find someone who can attend more than once with ease. Tick removal can be a long hit-and-miss process and the expert might have to attend several times to eradicate the problem completely. If you are located in Charlotte North Carolina CTRL is a tick solution you can find easily when searching for a tick control expert near me.

How Often Do I Need A Tick Inspection In North Carolina? 

Ticks are often associated with animals as their host, and many homeowners believe they don’t have to worry about a tick infestation if they don’t have pets. While this may seem like a logical thought, it doesn’t hold true. Ticks can find their way into homes without using a pet as the means to do so. Annual tick inspections are a good way for Charlotte homeowners to keep their home’s defended against pests. While many can get by with inspections just once a year, every situation is unique. CTRL can set you up with an inspection solution to best fit your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How much does tick control usually cost

In general tick control treatment from a professional will range between $150 to $300. The cost of tick control can vary depending on a few different factors. The types of products needed to treat your tick infestation, the size of the treatment area, and the number of treatments will all account for the cost of tick control. Tick control technicians will treat the interior and exterior of your home, so size of these areas will affect the cost. 

2. Is tick control safe

Like any type of pest control, there are potential risks. Today there are many DIY treatment options on the market. Although it may seem simple enough, choosing the right product for treating your home and yard for ticks can be difficult. Factors such as skin sensitivities, allergic reactions, and the presence of pets are all things that need to be considered when choosing a tick control treatment. In situations like this it is best to work with a professional pest control company to ensure the treatments are safe for you and your family. CTRL Pest Solutions uses human and pet-friendly products that are safe and effective at tick control. 

3. Can I be at home when the tick control expert is treating my home

Tick control treatment is a minimally invasive process that occurs both inside and outside your home. If you’re wondering if you can be home while a tick control expert is treating your home the answer is yes. Treatments involve treating the interior and exterior of your home, creating a protective barrier against ticks and other pests. On-the-spot tick treatments may also be necessary and often do not interfere with the day-to-day activities within your home. 

4. Tick control for dogs and cats

One of the best ways to control ticks for dogs and cats is to speak to your vet about your options. Tick prevention treatments are offered in both topical and oral solutions that can help protect your pests from the inside out. Your pet’s veterinarian can help offer the best protection specific to your pet’s needs. Keeping your pet clean and healthy is a good way to protect them as well. Proper nutrition can help prevent your furry companion from becoming a host for a parasitic tick. 

  1. How long does tick control treatments last 

The longevity of your tick control treatment may depend on the severity of the situation. Some Charlotte homeowners have treatments that only need to be completed annually, others more often. Ticks prefer the warmer months of spring and summer. During these warmer months, it may sometimes be necessary to treat monthly. CTRL Pest offers a variety of treatment options that will fit your specific situation. 

Why Is It So Important To Hire A Tick Control Expert Near Me?

A client recently had a massive tick infestation. She admittedly hired a company from far away. The ticks kept coming back and the previous company would not come back frequently enough to stay on top of the problem. She searched tick control near me and found our company CTRL. We had to go back 5 times over 3 weeks to kill all the ticks. It pays to search tick control near me and hire someone close.

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