Some Extra Information On Termites

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North Carolina falls right in the middle of what’s known as the “termite belt.” The southern United States has a heavy termite population and there isn’t any doubt your Charlotte property may have seen a termite or two. CTRL Pest Solutions has the knowledge and experience to help educate our clients on termites, infestations, and what our exterminators can do to stop these pests immediately. 

Below you find more information on termites, their impact on your home, and why you should invest in hiring a professional termite exterminator.


Termites are small winged insects that feed on the main component of wood, cellulose. Although they may look like ants, they do not have a segmented body, their body is whole. The most common species of termite found in the Charlotte area is the subterranean termite. If they haven’t found their way into your home, termites can be found in nature, helping break down dead trees and in turn recycling nutrients back into the soil. However, when termites are in your home they can cause extensive damage. Termites feed on the wood formations of homes, jeopardizing the integrity of the structure as a whole. In addition, termites have been documented chewing through filtration systems and insulation causing issues with the plumbing and electrical components of the home. 

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Summer months in Charlotte, North Carolina set the perfect environment for termite swarms. These pests thrive in warm, moist conditions building their colonies around their queen. Swam season refers to the times in which termites are most prevalent. Termites are known to swarm from March to May, but can swarm outside those months as well.

Termites find solace in dark, damp places and are almost always found in wood debris piles. Stacks of firewood can also make a great home for termites, and having these areas close to your home can raise the chance of a termite infestation. 


As a home or business owner there are some measures you can take to protect against destructive termites. By removing wood materials from around your home such as cardboard, wood piles, lumber, and other debris, you can deter these pests from hanging around. Because termites are drawn to moist areas, it’s best to try and avoid overwatering plants located near your home. Although these preventative steps can help deter termites from moving into your home, it won’t help if they’ve already found their way in. Professional termite extermination is the only way to truly remove termites from your home and save you thousands of dollars in structural damage. 

Termite swarms aren’t for the faint of heart. If you find yourself in a situation where termites are feasting on your home, call in the professionals termite exterminators at CTRL Pest Solutions. Using DIY methods may cause you to expose your family and pets to harsh chemicals, and may not handle the problem at all. When termites appear, call CTRL Pest Solutions in Charlotte, North Carolina and our experienced professionals will come out to assess the situation and come up with a solution. Through proven and effective methods, our team will guarantee to put an end to your termite problem, removing the queen and her subjects. CTRL will eliminate and prevent termite swarms from wreaking havoc on your home or business without the use of harmful chemicals. 


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