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“Finding pests in and around your home can turn anyone’s day into a bad one. Leave it to the experts at CTRL Pest in Charlotte, NC to handle your bug problem. Big or small, we’ve seen and controlled them all. Put your home in our hands to get the job done.”

With 30 years of experience, our team is committed to getting and keeping your home bug free. GIVE US A CALL TODAY!

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At The Source

“The pesky bugs you find in home probably didn’t originate there. Although you may find nests in your home, chances are those bugs came from outside and they brought their friends with them. The majority of nests are typically found outside. Through entry points these pests enter your home where they find a new place to set up camp. Here at CTRL Pest we treat problems at the source.

Our trained technicians locate the source of your bug problem, typically the outside, and treating it first. By focusing on the foundation of your home we can treat the problem before it grows. Ants and other bugs will then take the treatment and spread it to others, knocking out entire colonies. Think of it as creating a barrier of protection around your home.

Through the use of pet and family safe products CTRL Pest can also extend that barrier from your foundation into your yard. While your home may be treated, there’s a chance your neighbor’s may not be. Treating your yard ultimately widens your barrier for your home and offers a nice bug free benefit for your pets.”

Inside And Out

When you choose CTRL Pest Control you’re choosing a team that inspects your home, inside and out. Most bugs made their way into your home from the outside, so we’ll make sure you’re covered. Our technicians will sweep your home detecting existing bugs as well as entry points.

Once these are detected the area will be treated. Old points of entry will be protected and new ones will be prevented. Upon the inspection we will also conduct an evaluation of your current situation and create a treatment plan to prevent future problems. The plans are customizable and we will base the plans on the current seasons and the types of pests you may encounter. All plans cover check ups to guarantee our work holds up to the standard.

CTRL Pest will never leave you unprotected.

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  • Guaranteed bug removal
  • Exterior and interior treatments
  • Family and pet safe products

  • Customizable service choices

  • Trained professional service technicians

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