Cockroaches In North Carolina

Cockroaches may be one of the most primitive living insects you will find in today’s world. They are a generalized insect but have adapted. They are able to tolerate a wide range of environments. From arctic cold to tropical heat, cockroaches have been able to thrive in climates that have diminished others. Most cockroaches tend to be the size of a thumbnail. They have six legs, two antennae and some species will even have wings. Cockroaches have a flattened, brownish-red body and a small head. Their eyes are large and their mouthparts are located on the underside of their head allowing them to feed. Cockroaches tend to eat both food and non-food items.

With over 4,000 different species of cockroaches found throughout the world, there are a select few that are common to the south eastern United States. In particular, three species found in North Carolina are the American, German, and smokey brown. If they are in your home you need to hire a CTRL exterminator.

American cockroaches are a species that are large and can fly. These insects can be identified by a figure-eight pattern, yellow in color found behind their head.

German cockroaches have the ability to fly, but they rarely do. Found most often in restaurants and homes, these tan insects are the most common species found around the world.

Smokey brown cockroaches are smaller, but similar in appearance to the American roach. Their bodies are dark brown in color and their wings extend beyond their bodies. This adaptation makes them strong fliers. Don’t let these bugs overrun your home and cause problems that don’t need to eradicate them today.

Most species of cockroaches prefer specific environments. They want places that are dark, warm and humid. Because they can live in a variety of places, you can find them both inside and outside your home. When roaches are found outside they can be found underneath mulch, piles of debris, and in sewers, drains, and trees. For those that live in the dwellings, they can be found in laundry rooms, pantries, drains, underneath cabinets, and behind appliances. Call today for a free no hastle no fuss consultation.

These insects are a nuisance that can make themselves at home in any home or business. Cockroaches can find their way inside through cracks in the foundation, as well as spaces around windows, and gaps in the siding. Cockroaches make their way inside usually when searching for food. There are certain species that are attracted to different types of lighting or  lighting conditions. Cockroaches can also find their way inside homes and businesses by way of deliveries, potted plants, and used furniture.

Cockroaches are not considered dangerous in the sense they are aggressive, however they can be carriers of problems. They have the ability to host large numbers of parasites, bacteria, and human pathogens. Some diseases such as E.Coli, salmonellosis, and dysentery can all be spread by these pesky insects. These bugs can also cause issues for young children and those with weakened immune systems as their escriment, skin, and saliva can trigger allergies and can lead to asthma attacks.


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