How To Know If Pest Control Treatments Are Safe For Your Baby?

The health and safety of your family is most arguably a homeowner’s number one concern, especially when it comes to the chemicals used around the home. Moms and dads alike spend countless hours researching, reading labels, and making decisions on which products are safe for their families and their babies. While it’s fairly easy to sort through cleaning products and weed out the chemicals you use in your home, what happens when you need pest control treatments?

It’s natural for parents to worry about pest management and if it’s safe to use around their babies, however, nuisance pests can only be endured for so long before they start becoming destructive and hazardous.

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Are Babies Vulnerable To Pest Control Chemicals?

Babies and their bodies are vulnerable to the world around them. With developing immune systems certain chemicals can be more harmful to babies than to a full grown adult. Not to mention babies experience their new world with their mouths; crawling on the ground, tasting anything they can get their hands on. Because of this babies are at an increased risk of exposure to pesticides and other potentially harmful chemicals. There is one thing to consider though, what is the risk of exposure to pest control chemicals versus the health risks associated with certain types of pests.

Many pests can pose a health risk to you and your family. Insects and other pests do not discriminate about where they take up residence. The most common health issues that pests can pose are allergic reactions and asthma attacks. The quality of air in your home can be affected by two materials that pests leave behind: skin and fecal matter. These are the two materials that can trigger allergy and asthma sufferers. Babies and children are especially susceptible to these conditions. Other pests can be linked to transmitting potentially life-threatening diseases such as Lyme disease and e.coli, so as a parent you have to weigh the risks. While all pest control will involve some type of chemical, some treatments may be safer for your family than others.

What Are My Options If I Have A Young Child But Need Pest Control

Organic pest control treatments are on the rise both for their efficacy and high safety levels. In organic pest control as well as integrated methods, there is virtually no toxic chemicals involved, and if there is, it is very minimal. Pest control that is safe to use around babies is a popular request among homeowners in need of getting their pest problem under control.

Many treatments are now available that are considered to be a reduced-risk option that has minimal impact on human health. In addition to being low-risk, some pest management systems are set up in such a way that babies are unable to gain access to treatment sites, and thus reduces exposure. Heat treatments are another way that pest control treatments are made safe for babies. These types of treatments would require the family to vacate the home during treatment, but involve the use of zero chemicals.

Speak To A Health Practitioner If In Doubt

It is always best for parents to consult their child’s pediatrician before starting the use of any chemical inside or around the home. Always assume that any chemical may be harmful to your baby. Chemicals and other treatments can be harmful to babies if they get on the skin or if they are ingested. There is a lower risk of babies getting into pest control treatments outdoors, but it is still something to be mindful of.

When you’ve gotten the “OK” from your pediatrician that a chemical or treatment is safe to use, always follow the guidelines the doctor provided. Reading the instructions and following them carefully will ensure your baby is safe from potentially harmful chemicals. Check labels and follow recommendations but always consult a professional if you have any questions.

The best type of pest control is prevention. Preventing pests entirely is one sure fire way to keep your family safe without possibly exposing them to toxic chemicals. Be sure to always clean up food or drink residue that may draw pests in as well as keeping food products sealed tightly. Regular cleanings and general upkeep can also prevent pests from calling your house home. But should you find yourself in a situation where a pest management system is necessary, call your local pest control company to discuss baby safe treatment options.