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Pest Solutions

As a business owner you have enough to worry about. When you go with CTRL Pest Control you can be rest assured bugs won’t be one of them. The last thing you need is pesky critters roaming around, bothering your employees and scaring away customers.

Our team can guarantee that will never happen. We understand every situation is different, that’s why we offer several plans to choose from that’ll get rid of any current problems and prevent any problems in the future.

Protect your business and your reputation and trust CTRL Pest to service your commercial property.

Of Treatment And Prevention

Your Pest Control Options

We understand every business is different, and so are their pest problems. The needs of food processing facilities will differ from the needs of doctor’s offices and CTRL Pest is equipped to handle it all.

Our plans include weekly, monthly, seasonally, or annually depending on your preference. They will also be based on what your property requires. When you choose a pest control prevention plan you’re choosing to eliminate bugs not only regularly, but preventing any new bugs to bother your business.

Hire the professionals to identify and eliminate, DON’T WAIT! Call us today!

Proven Methods

Our skilled technicians use proven methods to keep bothersome bugs at bay. Whether your business is confronted with termites, mosquitos, or cockroaches, don’t worry.

Our professional treatments will eliminate your problems, guaranteed.

Properties Services

  • Food Processing Plants

  • Restaurants

  • Hotels

  • Office Buildings

  • Medical Practices

  • Warehouses

Ctrl Pest Control

With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, counting on CTRL Pest to service your commercial property is the best business decision you could make. Keep pests out of your business and prevent new pests from taking up space without paying rent.

We pride ourselves on giving our customers exactly what they want and know you do too. That’s why it is important to us to get the job done right, and protect your business no matter the situation.


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